Want to improve your MTB performance?

    Of course you can ride your bike, but how about learning how to ride faster and better, with less effort, and without all those hard falls? Skills clinics offer the perfect opportunity for you to not only improve your overall mountain biking experience, but also hone your technical skills. 

    Most MTB enthusiasts mistakenly believe that the fitter you are, the faster and better the ride. This isn’t always the case. You can easily improve your ride just by refining your skills, such as attending skills clinics – even if you’re an experienced rider.

    Skills clinics generally cater for all levels of riders. Entry-level riders get to learn the basics properly, the first time around, while experienced riders are exposed to what can be described as the MTB version of an advanced driving course.

    Although that said, such clinics actually go beyond merely improving riding confidence and also teach riders how to use their bikes and riding gear properly and to their full capacity. This includes helping riders identify their weaknesses and bad riding habits, and providing them with the practical advice they need to successfully address these.

    TREAD Skills Clinics, presented by MiWay, which start in Johannesburg on 14 August 2011, are designed to improve your riding experience no matter what your level of mountain biking experience.

    For more information on these clinics, email info@treadmag.co.za. You can also join the MiWayMTB Facebook fan page and keep up to date with these events!

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