When you think of USN, you relate it to lean, toned bodies and successful professional sportsmen and women, all benefiting from the brand’s cutting-edge, scientifically researched sports nutrition.


    But South Africa’s leading sports and healthy lifestyle nutrition brand showed its soft side with a recent Pretoria region charity donation drive, targeting children’s homes, homes for the aged and the Salvation Army with its nourishing energy bars and sports drinks.

    USN donated Active Sports Drink and Energy Harvest Bars, which benefited over 1600 people, to: Jacaranda Children’s Home, Abused And Abandoned Kids Educational Excursions, Huis Vergenoeg Retirement Home, Harmony Hof Retirement Village and the Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters.

    “Normally these underprivileged people wouldn’t have access to these products, which made it a real treat for them,” said Renee Hughes USN’s Special Projects Co-ordinator. “Obviously our products have very high nutrition value and offer all the essential vitamins and minerals required for to maintain good health – it was good to be able to give something that would benefit each one individually.”

    At the Jacaranda Children’s Home, USN staff set up just in time for lunch and gave out hot dogs – in addition to USN Energy Bars and USN Active Sports Drinks – to the excited children, aged between 3 and 18. The children are mainly placed in the home by the children’s court due to neglect, abandonment, physical or emotional abuse.

    “The smiles, excitement and appreciation shown by the kids made us realise just how much most kids take for granted. It truly was a heart-warming experience for USN to be able to brighten their lives, even it if was momentarily,” said Rion Goosen, USN National Sponsorship Co-ordinator.