The DCM Cape Pioneer Trek Mountain Bike Tour just keeps getting better and better

    The DCM Cape Pioneer Trek Mountain Bike Tour just keeps getting better and better.

    This is the promise made by Ian van der Walt from DCM, the sponsors of the six-day tour that will take place in the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo (18 to 23 October).

    “If I should have it my way, we as DCM would love to build out the Cape Pioneer Trek to become the ‘must-do’ tour on the calendar of every serious mountain biker in South Africa, as well as in the rest of the world. Our aim is to make it ‘the people’s tour’ and in my opinion the organizers are well on their way to make this a reality.

    “There is a very good reason why the tour has, already in its first year, been voted by the riders as the most popular multi-stage event in South Africa.

    “As sponsors we are approached by many events organizers with brilliant ideas, but it is one thing to talk and something quite different to turn those words into reality.

    “I have the highest regard for Henco Rademeyer, Carel Herholdt and Katot Meyer of Dryland Events Management. For them it is not just about making money. The important guideline for every decision that is made as far as the Cape Pioneer Trek is concerned, is how the mountain bikers will feel about it. If there is even the slightest indication that it will not be well received by the riders, it is not going to happen.

    “What makes us as a sponsor even more proud of our involvement in the tour, is the emphasis on nature conservation. Every rider who completes the tour will realize that conservation is the responsibility of everybody and not just of a few individuals.

    “If you listen to Henco, Carel and Katot when they talk about their vision for the Cape Pioneer Trek, you cannot help but join in their enthusiasm.

    Van der Walt does not just sponsor the tour, he is also planning to take part in it.

    “After hearing all the good things about the Cape Pioneer Trek, I decided that I have to experience it firsthand for myself. But I must admit that I am slightly worried about my abilities.

    “The riders of the DCM mountain-biking team told me that it is a tough tour, so I hope that I will survive. Luckily I have no goals of winning anything, I just want to enjoy myself.

    “I will leave the winning to Max Knox and Thomas Zahnd from my DCM team. They certainly have a realistic chance of taking the top honours in the tour.

    “What is exciting is that Zahnd has agreed to ride full-time for DCM in multi-stage events from next year. Max and he have what it takes to become one of the worlds best tour teams. Zahnd finished third overall in the Trans-Alp Tour. Knox and Brandon Stewart won two stages in the BC Bike race in Canada and they also finished 2nd overall.

    “Silvio Bundi (Switzerland) will also ride for DCM in international mountain-bike tours.”

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