The battle for supremacy on local soil intensifies

    The battle for supremacy on tar intensified over the past weekend (14-15 August 2010) when the riders of MTN-Energade and Medscheme took their ‘battle’ to the roads of the West Rand during the EPR Cycle Challenge, which finished on the Tarlton International Raceway.

    The battle for supremacy on local soil intensifies

    This time round it was Medscheme who took the victory. Arran Brown outsprinted Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg (MTN-Energade) to win the race over 120km in 2 hours 59 minutes and 52 seconds. Kachelhoffer (Medscheme) finished third.

    Last Monday Bradley Potgieter won the Carousel Classic.

    Janse van Rensburg is not too disappointed with the way the race finished.

    “The gap between Arran and me is certainly getting smaller. This time he only beat me by half a bike length in the sprint to the line. It now seems to be just a matter of time before I outsprint Arran.”

    According to Janse van Rensburg the wind again was a major factor.

    “Because of the wind a group of about twelve riders managed to get away in a break. This was definitely to my advantage because I am always more confident of a podium finish in a small breakaway. Over the last few kilometers, the main challenge for me was to remain focused and make sure that I was not caught napping.”

    This weekend will be a busy weekend for the ‘boys in yellow’.

    On Saturday they will be competing in the Lost City Classic.

    Janse van Rensburg predicts that the race will finish in a big bunch sprint.

    “It is no really what I prefer, but I will nevertheless give my all in the sprint. Who knows? I might just surprise myself. Anyway, there will not be much time to celebrate any good results, because we will be back in our team cars about an hour after the race, and racing to get to Durban in time.

    “On Sunday we will be competing in the Engen-Dynamic Classic. I am looking forward to the race because the course will be much more hilly, which will make it easier to get away in a break.”

    Annriette Schoeman (Toyota-Cyclelab) won the women’s race over the weekend. An-Li Pretorius (MTN-Energade) was second and Lizanne Naude also (Toyota-Cyclelab) third.