Results – Babba’s Lodge MTB Event #1 – 8 January 2012

    A lovely, albeit HOT day out yesterday morning at Babba’s Lodge near Bultfontein in Gauteng brought over 300 riders to the bush to participate in the year’s first Babba’s event!

    The organisers put up an excellent race, with a well-marked track, a live singer to entertain, delicious food stall, with a lovely setting in the bush and a great finish line (including plenty of shade under the trees)!

    Congrats to all who participated in either the 70km, 35km, 12km and the kiddies 1km fun ride.

    Results – Babbas Lodge – 8 Jan 2012

    Please feel free to give us your feedback for the race by leaving a comment.


    Some MiWay brand representation spotted at Babba's Lodge over the weekend!


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      1. Hi
        Great race, great new route, thank you. Any idea who the official photographers were and where we can order race photographs?
        Thank you

        MiWayMTB’s response on 09.01.2012

        Hi Susan,

        Unfortunately we can’t find any info on the event’s official photographer! Perhaps email Spectrum Sport (who did the timing) and ask them? We found this email address for you:

        Have a great week!
        The MiWayMTB Team

      2. Hi guys
        I have entered the 70km on 29 and 12 August. Where can I find details of the route- I am a beginner and want to mentally prepare myself…:-)!

        MiWay’s response on 10.07.2012

        Hi Catherine!

        How exciting! Wow – a 70km sounds great, you can’t be a beginner if you’re attempting the 70km? 🙂 Unfortunately, we are not the organisers of the event so we do not have access to any route information. We had a look online, and can’t find any route info either. We don’t think that one is available for this event!

        Best of luck and enjoy!
        The MiWayMTB Team

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