Ticket prices for next year’s Soccer World Cup final will cost a much as R6143 per person and you’re certainly not going to be within touching distance of the players. On the other hand, the 2009 Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano in Pietermaritzburg from 10-12 April, will put you into the thick of the action among the world’s best mountain bike racers for as little as R30.

    The ticket prices and the processes of purchase for the South African leg of mountain bike racing’s flagship series have been finalised by the organisers, Treble Entertainment and Real Events Management.

    “The entry fees for the spectators to the event have been structured in two ways with both the individual and the family group or group of enthusiasts in mind,” said Denzil Ulyate of the organising team.

    “The pricing is significantly lower than other events in the World Cup Series, but it has never been our intention to cost this too high as we’d like to see as many people at the event as possible.”

    More than 750 top mountain bike racers from 40 countries will be in Pietermaritzburg to contest Cross-country, Downhill and 4X titles on the forested slopes adjacent to the Cascades Centre Shopping Mall.

    In order to ensure spectators have access to as much of each race route as possible, ‘uplifts’ on motorised all-terrain vehicles will transport spectators up to various points on the courses.

    “It is a UCI MTB World Cup event and the best riders in the world will be on display for the first time in South Africa at an event of this status. We believe that the costs are fair and the packages deliver value for money – especially the uplift opportunities – and this will allow people to get close to the action at the best vantage points possible each day,” added Ulyate.

    “We really hope to see as many of the MTB enthusiasts in the country as possible coming to the event to support the first ever Triple MTB World Cup event on the African Continent. I know that there is a lot of excitement out there amongst the mountain biking community, and if the course is full of people, then it makes it so much easier for the International Cycling Union I to justify automatic inclusion of a South African round of the World Cup in future years,” said Alec Lenferna, Event Director.

    “Obviously, we also want to see as many non-mountain bike enthusiasts from the local communities in and around Pietermaritzburg also attending the event, as this will only grow the love and support of the sport. It’s an exciting spectacle that any sports or action enthusiast will enjoy.”

    All tickets are available for purchase through the official event website at as well as at the event itself. However, it should be noted that the two- and three-day packages will be limited as will the 3 Day Deluxe Package and will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

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    TICKET PACKAGES AND PRICES (in South African Rand)
    • 1 Day: R30 – 1 x entry
    • 1 Day: R60 – 1 x entry, 1 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 2 Day: R110 – 2 entry, 2 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 3 Day: R150 – 3 x entry, 3 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 3 Day Deluxe: R300 – 3 x entry, continual uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 1 Day: R180 – 4 x entry, 4 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 2 Day: R300 – 8 x entry, 8 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    • 3 Day: R440 – 12 x entry, 12 x uplift, 1 x event programme
    Note: Individual uplifts are R10 each

    For more information visit

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