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    Want to know when you can catch the latest MiWay MTB show and its repeats on Supersport?

    Click here: MiWayMTB schedule YTD 3 Feb 2012

    Email for any queries.


    Disclaimer:  We love sport just as much as you do, but we know that sport programs are of a nature that they may change last minute! So while we communicate these broadcasting details to the public, we ask that you note that all programs are subject to change at any time and neither Supersport nor MiWay can be held responsible for any changes.

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      1. Hi,

        Can you tell me if there is footage from the Knsyna Oyster Festival 75KM MTB Event and will it be on Supersport?


        MiWay’s response on 29.07.2011

        Hi Paul,

        As far as we can tell, it won’t be aired on Supersport. If you’d like to query this with SuperSport directly, please let us know and we’ll put you in touch with their program manager.

        Kind regards,
        The MiWay MTB Team

        (Follow me on Twitter: @Wendy_MiWay)

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