Following the successful establishment of a professional road cycling team in 2009, Malcolm Lange, owner of Team Bonitas-Medscheme, has, in conjunction with a new commercial partner, expanded his professional bicycle racing portfolio to create Team RE:CM, a South African–based mountain bike racing team.


    Team RE:CM will make its debut on a race start line at the Fairbairn Capital Old Mutual joBerg2c later this month and will participate at most high-profile South African mountain bike marathons and stage races. Investment firm, RE:CM, is a company that aligns closely with dynamics of cycling as a sport, hence the exciting new partnership.

    Team RE:CM will initially comprise Neil MacDonald and Waylon Woolcock, better known for their successes in professional road racing, but now firmly committed to following many other road racers into the fast-growing, popular mountain bike racing discipline.

    “Mountain biking is the next frontier for Lange Sports. It’s an area we’ve been keen to move into for a while, but have preferred to remain focused on building the road team first. Now, with a partner like RE:CM, we can embrace mountain biking too,” said Malcolm Lange.

    “There are so many high quality international level mountain bike races in South Africa and public interest is exceptionally high. We’re starting off with two of our existing road team members, Waylon and Neil, who are by no means novices when it comes to mountain biking and have spent a lot of time over the past few months riding on the dirt. They will not only be chasing podium places, but will also be entrusted with the task of identifying young talent to grow the team in future.

    “Mountain bike racing isn’t as seasonal as road cycling so during the winter months Team RE:CM will have a full racing schedule. Waylon and Neil, who both recently returned from racing at the Tour of Morocco, are very excited about this new challenge,” added Lange.

    “Sponsorship of a mountain biking team is a natural progression for RE:CM as bicycle racing, has many analogies with investing,” said Piet Viljoen, Chairman of RE:CM.

    “Besides both being mentally tough and rewarding, perseverance and consistency is vital, particularly through periods of adversity. Goal setting and teamwork are essential in achieving success, but not without integrating the unique objectives and strengths of each individual. At RE:CM, where many of our staff and clients are keen cyclists, we embrace a measured, overall approach to investment with an eye on long-term investment performance.”