Lance’s plummet from grace gathers speed

    Drama and intrigue not being to new to Lance Armstrong (or the cycling community for that matter) – Lance confesses to the Queen of Talk that he used performance-enhancing drugs in an interview with Oprah on Monday night.

    This is a report according to an anonymous USA Today source, and has not been confirmed by either the Lance or Oprah camp.

    The taped inteview lasted more than 2 and a half hours in Austin, Texas, with Oprah tweeting “”Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2½ hours. He came READY” soon after.

    Much speculation surrounds the content of the interview, as well as the outcome. Should Lance come clean to Oprah – America’s Queen of Absolution – it might be a stepping stone in the right direction to seeking forgiveness from the American public.

    However, the build up to the interview and resultant media attention has been viewed by some as contrived, which is not helping Lance’s public image and won’t easily erase his previous betrayals.

    Late last year, the US anti-doping body, USADA, exposed Armstrong as a liar and a cheat, describing him as the mastermind of the “most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen,” involving anabolic steroids, human growth hormone and blood transfusions.

    The result was a lifetime ban on competing professionally, resignation as chairman from Livestrong foundation, sponsors dropping him like hot potatoes, and the cycling world reeling with legal suits lining up like a firing squad.

    Oprah has either offered Armstrong a parachute to slow his fall, or handed him a canon ball to help him plummet further.

    Only time will tell!

    The interview will be edited into a 90 minute special, and there are several ways to watch it.

    1. Live internet streaming off of, on Friday 18 Jan from 4h00am South African time (which is 21h00 Eastern, 20h00 Central Time on Thurs 17 Jan in the States).
    2. On DSTV on Friday night at 19h30 on the TLC channel (Channel 172)