In form Janse van Rensburg takes the win at Lost City

    The riders from MTN-Energade managed to achieve a first, a second and a third place during the past weekend (21-22 August 2010). They did not do this in one single race, but in three different races, namely the Lost City races for men and women and the Engen Dynamic Cycle Challenge race.

     In form Janse van Rensburg takes the win at Lost City

    Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg (MTN-Energade), who won the Lost City race, proved that he is the in-form rider at the moment. What made his victory special is that he had at long last done what he had been threatening to do for a long time. He outsprinted Medscheme’s Malcolm Lange and Arran Brown. The two of them had been dominating the one-day classics during the past 12 months.

    Janse van Rensburg’s winning time for the race over 103km was 2 hours 22 minutes and 56 seconds.

    An-Li Pretorius (MTN-Energade) finished third in the women’s race at the Lost City. Sanet Smal (Bizhub) was the winner and Lynette Burger (Toyota-Cyclelab) finished second.

    Sunday’s Dynamic Cycle Challenge in and around Durban, turned out to be a near repetition of what happened during the Carousel Classic. Bradley Potgieter (MTN-Energade) and Hanco Kachelhoffer (Medscheme) were again the two main protagonists in the race.

    The two of them, together with Dawid Maree (House of Paints), managed to get away in a break quite early and they stayed in front, on their own, for the last 80 kilometers.

    According to Kachelhoffer is was pay-back time.

    “It was very important for me to beat Bradley this time, especially after he outsprinted me when the two of us were in a breakaway during the Carousel Classic. To be quite frank, I was rather nervous towards the end of the race because, when you have a rider like Bradley with you, you know that you have to keep your wits about if you want to win. In my opinion, Bradley and Reinhardt (Janse van Rensburg) are two of the riders in the pro-peloton who improved the most this year.

    “Reinhardt is in top form at the moment. You don’t want him to be anywhere near you towards the end of a race, because there is always a good chance that he will end up being the winner.”

    Kachelhoffer said he timed his final sprint to the line in the Dynamic Cycle Challenge to perfection.

    “Unfortunately for Bradley and Dawid they bumped into each other during the sprint and this probably caused both of them to lose their rhythm.”

    Kachelhoffer’s winning time for the race over 100km was 2:28:00. Potgieter finished second and Maree third.

    Potgieter’s second-place finish meant that an MTN-Energade rider stood on each of the steps of the winner’s podium during the weekend, but in three different races.

    Pretorius was disappointed in the way the Lost City’s women’s race played out.

    “We really wanted Cashandra Slingerland (MTN-Energade) to win, because she would have completed her hat trick of victories in successive Lost City races.

    “However, things did not work out as we had hoped. It was one of those days when the riders from the other teams were intent on making sure that the race ended in a bunch sprint. This was very frustrating for us because time and again, when one of us launched an attack, one of the riders from the other teams would chase us down and, as soon as they caught up with us, they sat up again.

    “In a way it is understandable why this happened. Bizhub and Toyota-Cyclelab knew that they would have a realistic chance of winning if they could keep the race together, because both Sanet Smal and Lynette Burger are recognized sprinters.

    “I knew I had no chance of outsprinting them.”

    It was not all doom and gloom for Pretorius. Finishing 3rd was an improvement for her on last year when she was 4th.

    Results for the Lost City race:

    1st Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg (MTN Energade) 2:22:56
    2nd Malcolm Lange (Team Medscheme)
    3rd Arran Brown (Team Medscheme)
    4th Pieter Seyffert (DCM)
    5th Tyler Day (EMG Cycling)
    6th Christoff Van Heerden (MTN Energade)
    7th Dean Edwards (House of Paint)
    8th Juan Van Heerden (MTN Energade)
    9th JC Jooste (Team Matlosana)
    10th Dennis van Niekerk (EMG Cycling)

    Engen Dynamic race results:

    1st Hanco Kachelhoffer (team medscheme) 2:28:00
    2nd Bradley Potgieter (MTN Energade)
    3rd David Maree (House of Paint)
    4th Arran Brown (Team medscheme) 2:29:54
    5th Dean Edwards (House of Paint)
    6th Tyler Day (EMG Cycling)
    7th Christof Van Heerden (MTN Energade)
    8th David Brown (Toyota Supercycling National academy)
    9th Stefan Ihlenfeldt (Cape Town Market)
    10th Dylan Girdelstone (MTN Energade)