Dryland out to make Southern Cape and Karoo the endurance mecca of South Africa

    It seems that, if the brains trust of the Dryland Event Management could have their own way, the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo would become the mecca for South African holiday makers who cannot resist a good physical challenge.

    Henco Rademeyer, Carl Herholdt and Katot Meyer, all connected with the Dryland Events, have already ensured that the Attakwas and Chandelier races have become two of the must-do mountain bike marathons on the local calendar. The Attakwas has in fact been voted by mountain bikers to be the best one-day event in South Africa.

    Dryland out to make Southern Cape and Karoo the endurance mecca of South Africa

    Furthermore, it seems as if the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek, a six-day mountain bike tour (from 18 to 23 October), is on its way to become just as popular.

    Actually, even at this early stage, the ‘who’s who’ of South African mountain biking have already confirmed that they are not going to miss out on the pleasure of racing the Cape Pioneer Trek.

    However, it is not only South Africans who are excited about South Africa’s latest multi-day event. Some of Europe’s top professionals, for example Christoph Sauser, a former world champion, have already indicated that they will definitely be here to join in the fun.

    One of the main reasons for Dryland’s success, is the organizer’s firm belief in the principle that you can never sit back and say ‘This is it, we have achieved everything we wanted to’.

    Rademeyer, Herholdt and Meyer are constantly playing around with ideas for new and more exciting challenges that would help to make people aware of the beauty of the Southern Cape and the Klein Karoo.

    One of their new projects consists of a three-day (four stages) trail-running event in the Swartberg.

    “I don’t think people realize how beautiful and unique the Swartberg is. With the trail-running event we want to give people the opportunity to go where very few people had gone before. Our goal with each event we organize is to make sure that at least 30% of the route is virgin terrain where no human foot or bicycle has gone before.

    “What will be truly unique about the trail-run, is that the start will be in an underground cave. How often do people get the opportunity to run in a cave?”

    As far as the Cape Pioneer Trek tour is concerned, the latest exciting news is that DCM, the main sponsor, has true to Dryland’s vision that everything is not merely about bikes, pledged its support for the Cape Leopard Trust.

    It will make a valuable contribution to the Trust, and at the same time expose riders to the trail on which these magnificent animals tread.

    The Cape Leopard Trust will receive an annual cash sponsorship from the DCM Cape Pioneer Trek to fund research on the elusive Cape mountain leopard in the Gouritz Corridor.

    The leopard is currently considered to be the apex predator in the Cederbergas well as in the rest of the Western Cape. However, its conservation status remains uncertain. The species is regularly exterminated or removed from farms, by people who have little knowledge of the population numbers or genetic status of the animal.

    Preliminary studies show that the Cape leopards differ morphologically as well as genetically from leopards elsewhere in Southern Africa.

    For more information visit www.capepioneer.co.za www.dryland.co.za