Dryland – Cancer survivor fighting it out at the DCM Cape

    Piet Laubscher (Team Bodyworks) is certainly one of the true heroes of the DCM Cape Pioneer mountain bike tour.piet-laubscher-and-his-wife

    Five years ago Laubscher was told that he had colon cancer which meant that he had to undergo an operation in which the doctor removed most of his colon.

    It was a dramatic experience especially since Laubscher is an avid sportsman, cycling being just one of his passions. During his university years he represented Free State as a cyclist at provincial level. He also competed at the SA University Championship.

    It seems the saying about once a cyclist always a cyclist is definitely true in his case since a slightly overweight Laubscher got back on his bike some time last year.

    He readily admits to hating basically every minute of his first few training rides.

    The proverbial turning point came about when during a training ride while he was battling to get to the top of the infamous Hillsnacks Climb just outside Krugersdorp on the West Rand when he became aware of a rider just behind.

    “Without looking back I waved to the rider to come past me, when nothing happened I turned around to see who it was.  It was Karien de Bruin.”

    To cut a long story short. De Bruin is now Laubscher’s DCM Cape Pioneer teammate.

    In the build up to the six day mountain bike stage race in and around Oudtshoorn Laubscher has managed to astonish quite a few people.

    One of his most remarkable achievements was unofficially bettering the 24 hour spinning world record during the Beeld Children’s Fund  Spinning-marathon in Centurion.

    Laubscher managed to ride 943 kilometers on his spinning bike. The previous unofficial world record was set in Sweden in 2005 when a cyclist managed to ride 872 kilometers.

    According to Laubscher it was the first and last time that he will spend 24 hours on a spinning bike.

    “I lost eight of my toe nails during the marathon. In a way it is good because if my children don’t want to eat their vegetables I threaten them by saying that I will take of my shoes and they then will have to look at my feet. So far they have chosen to rather eat the vegetables.”

    Laubscher also finished 9th overall in the Mauritian Veteran’s tour.

    After the third stage of the DCM Cape Pioneer (George to De Rust – 110km) Laubscher was not so sure if he was really enjoying the DCM Cape Pioneer yet.

    “It is hard, really hard going up the ‘Kamma….kamanasie’. In fact while I was battling to get to the top I had a revelation and that is that Katot must hate us cyclists. Why else would he want us to ride up dry and “ugly” mountain where there are no easy trails?

    “I am only joking going up the Kammanassie is a tough challenge but once you get to the top and down in one piece you do get a sense of achievement.”

    For more information and results visit www.capepioneer.co.za www.dryland.co.za