DNA by DataDot: Bicycle I.D. kit

    A trusted security system gets involved in bicycle safety!

    DataDot Technology is already trusted by car manufacturers and fit 100% of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Suzuki, Renault, Jaguar, Land-Rover and Toyota vehicles in South Africa with their advanced Microdot security system. DataDot has decreased car theft by a massive 50%.

    Finally! This technology is now available for your bicycle, and is catching on quick in MTB circles!

    How does it work?

    Each DataDot Bicycle kit contains 1000 Microdots. Each is laser-etched with a unique 10 digit PIN which is registered to your name. The kit also contains a specialised adhesive which has UV properties. The Microdots are applied using the adhesive in an easy DIY process, in the comfort of your own home!

    Your registration information is stored on the DataDot Database which 10 000 trained Police officers across the country have direct access to. These police officers are of detective level and have recieved special training from DataDot Technology!


    • Peace-of-mind knowing that after a theft, your bike is less likely to be sold or used for parts
    • Peace-of-mind knowing that you can unequivically prove ownership of your bike and its parts
    • Unlike a bike’s serial number which can be tampered with, the DataDot Technology’s 1000 Microdots are unseen to the visible eye and spread all over your bike, making it difficult to remove
    • The 1000 microdots ensure that multiple parts of your bicycle are identifiable and registered to you

    Stats from vehicle theft investigations show that organised crime syndicates quickly become aware of manufacturers who use DataDot Technology, which results in those car types being less desirable to steal. DataDot Technology is hoping that bicycle manufacturers catch on and begin using DataDot Technology as standard practice at factory-level.

    MiWay is giving away 100 FREE DataDot bicycles Kits to the first 100 registrants at the MiWay Big5 MTB series Kwambo Lion race this Sunday in KZN. Valued at R143 each! Click here for more info on this race!

    For more information, please email mtb@miway.co.za.