Commonwealth Countries Shine a MTN National MTB Cup

    Australia’s Chris Kovarik and Great Britain’s Tracy Moseley led a Commonwealth country domination of the men and women’s podiums when they each grabbed victory at Round 4 of the MTN National Cup downhill mountain bike racing series in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on Sunday.

    In downhill racing, the top five finishers get a podium spot, and for the past three years, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand have excelled in the discipline. With eight of the 10 podium spots, Sunday’s race was no different.

    Riders from 12 countries contested the event, most using it as a build-up race ahead of this week’s first round of the 2009 Nissan UCI World Cup, presented by Shimano, sponsored by DCM Chrome, which will be held at the same venue.

    Kovarik (Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense), currently 11th on the UCI world rankings, clocked a quick time of 3 minutes, 56.09 seconds on his second of two runs, which gave him a one-and-a-half second victory margin over South Africa’s Andrew Neethling (Trek World Racing), who clocked 3:58.54 on his second run. Great Britain’s Marc Beaumont (GT Racing) was third in 3:59.36 and the last of the riders to beat the four-minute mark.

    “I’m really happy to have won today. It’s been ages since I last did a race so to win on the first competitive outing of the new season is quite a boost for my confidence,” said Kovarik, adding: “There’s quite a lot of pedaling required in the middle section. Luckily I was able to power through that quite well with a mixture of standing and sitting at the right times.”

    Kovarik’s second run was more than four seconds quicker than his first, which ironically, he put down to using his brakes more.

    “On my first run I slid out a few times on corners which I felt cost me some time. So on the second run I braked more into the corners and it made for a smoother and faster run.”

    Former two-time world champion, Fabien Barel of France, was forced to miss Sunday’s race following a crash in practice on Friday that dislocated his knee and may see him miss next week’s World Cup. And current World Cup champion, Greg Minnaar (Santa Cruz Syndicate), who lives in Pietermaritzburg, opted to spend the weekend in Cape Town to ease the pre-race pressure on him ahead of next week’s World Cup opener.

    In the women’s race, Moseley (Trek World Racing), had two almost identical runs, her second, just nine-hundredths of a second quicker than the first to give her a winning time of 4:34.50. She was six seconds ahead of Canadian Claire Buchar (Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense) with Frenchwoman, Emmeline Ragot (Suspension Centre) rounding out the top three positions.

    “We had three of the top-six riders in the world here today, so it’s a good result for me,” said Moseley. “It’s good to get a race like this ahead of the World Cup because you never go as fast in practice as you do in a race so it’s good to be able to see where I can still improve.”

    MTN National Cup, in association with MiWay
    Round 4, Pietermaritzburg
    Leading results
    Pro-Elite men

    1 Chris Kovarik AUS 3min56.09sec
    2 Andrew Neethling RSA 3:58.54
    3 Marc Beaumont GBR 3:59.36
    4 Justin Leov NZL 4:00.17
    5 Fabien Cousinie FRA 4:01.13
    6 Filip Polc SLO 4:01.48
    7 Florient Payet FRA 4:01.67
    8 Duncan Riffle USA 4:02.12
    9 Julien Camellini FRA 4:02.68
    10 Damien Spagnolo FRA 4:05.05

    Pro-Elite women
    1 Tracy Moseley GBR 4:34.50
    2 Claire Buchar CAN 4:40.00
    3 Emmeline Ragot FRA 4:43.36
    4 Fionn Griffiths GBR 4:51.95
    5 Joanna Petterson RSA 5:02.33

    Junior men
    1 Kevin Aiello USA 4:06.44
    2 Timothy Bentley RSA 4:11.82
    3 Laurie Dinham AUS 4:12.59

    Youth men
    1 Tiaan Odendaal RSA 4:27.76
    2 Sven Pottow RSA 4:50.86
    3 Alisdair Fey RSA 4:56.79

    Sub-junior men
    1 Alan Hatherly RSA 4:48.21
    2 Luke Evans RSA 5:42.24
    3 Christopher Rigby RSA 5:52.00

    Sub-veteran men
    1 Mark Hopkins RSA 4:50.72
    2 Dan Forsyth RSA 5:00.18
    3 Tyrone van Rooyen RSA 5:05.39

    1 Patrick Morewood RSA 4:40.09
    2 Duane Searle RSA 5:01.97
    3 Cobus Truter RSA 5:08.52

    Canada’s Claire Buchar used her skills to good effect to capture the runner-up position in the women’s race. – Photo: SVEN MARTIN

    Great Britain’s Tracy Moseley secured victory in the women’s race. – Photo: SVEN MARTIN

    Australia’s Chris Kovarik was one of only three riders to break four minutes for the 2.8km course. – Photo: SVEN MARTIN

    Australia’s Chris Kovarik secured the men’s race victory. – Photo: GARY PERKIN

    South Africa’s Andrew Neethling on his way to second place in the men’s race. – Photo: GARY PERKIN

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