Best of the 2013 Tour de France

    Top 5 All-things-TDF for 2013

    It’s the Tour de France’s centenary, in a new era of cycling after Lance’s fall from grace late last year, so here’s hoping that this year is spectacular! For your convenience, we’ve gathered together the best websites or blogs for updates so that you are sure not to miss out on all the action.

    1. Local is Lekker is one our favourite places to spend an afternoon trawling for information and tips and tricks and reviews of races and latest gear. They don’t disappoint come Tour Time, with dedicated journos updating the website daily with all the news you need to know, as well as all the news you didn’t know you needed to know! A must for anyone looking to immerse themselves completely in the tour!

    2. Official TDF links

    Go to the source itself:

    3. Visual aid

    We’ve checked them all out for you and found our top two Pinterest sites for some of the best boards out there on everything TDF. We love this one and this one.

    4. Tour de France Fantasy league

    Reading about the Tour or watching it on TV not enough? Then quick! Join the ultimate fantasy game and create your own virtual dream team for TDF for 2013 here.

    Other worthy competitions are’s Predict the Winner where you can win big from doing barely anything at all! Click here for more info.

    5. Best TDF apps

    Head to the official Tour  de France website for all info on apps, click here.

    Watch it on TV!

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    D-1 until le grande depart du tour!

    Allez allez!!

    A very slick arrival in Corsica ahead of the Depart du Tour on 29 June 2013