94.7 Cycle Challenge – Top Training Tips

    The 94.7 Cycle Challenge is drawing closer!

    To help you with your training, we’ve compiled a few tips so that you can get fit in time for the race.

    1. Track your fitness!

    Visit the FitTrack website by clicking here! You will have access to free 94.7 Cycle Challenge Training plans which will help track your fitness. The idea is that after you exercise, you log your exercise into the website, and it makes sure that you are on the right track with a neat little graph like the one below to keep you motivated!

    2. Get spinning!

    Hit the gym & get on the spinning bike. For non-members, Virgin Active offers short-term contracts for R450 per month which can be paid on a month-to-month basis. Alternatively, one day’s access costs R100. For details, visit the Virgin Active website here.

    3. Ride Kyalami!

    Click here for info on when and how to ride the Kyalami Race Track. Each lap is 4.3km and with 1-2 hills per lap, it’s great interval training and will get you fit quick!

    4. Get outdoors!

    Click here for the race calendar so that you can plan some weekend rides. Remember – riding is social and fun so the more the merrier. Please note: this calendar is a work in progress, please email mtb@miway.co.za for us to add more events to the calendar in case we missed a few. We’ve also concentrated on Gauteng-based events for now, but will be adding other events nationally shortly.

    5. Eat right!

    It helps to give your body the fuel it needs when training. Click here for some tips on what to eat before, during and after exercising. Another great website is Livestrong – check it out here.

    6. Have the right attitude!

    Only you can motivate yourself to keep exercising and get fit. So get into a routine – the results will be worth it!

    7. Get support!

    There’s nothing better for training than receiving support and encouragement from family, friends & colleagues. A lot of positive encouragement all round will go a long way! And you get what you give, so a round of high-fives for your mates is in order.

    Good luck and happy training!

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