MiWay Big5 MTB Series 2013: Zini Buffalo Classic (Race 1/5)

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    All event info

    • Date: Sunday, 5 May 2013
    • Time: From 08h00am – 13h00
    • Venue: Mtunzini Country Club, Mtunzini, KZN (start and finish)
    • Race distances: 10km Challenge, 25km and 50km

    New this year

    We’re timing the 10km Challenge in the series this year, making this race the ideal one for beginners or enthusiasts looking to start mountain biking and keep track of their improvement throughout the series! It’s also an opportunity for us to encourage the more advanced youngsters to do mountain biking competitively, and gives them an opportunity to shine! Everyone competing in the 10km Challenge receives a medal!

    The Zini Buffalo is the first event to see the 10km race becomes an official part of the MiWay Big 5 Series Challenge and will also start and finish at the race village. The 10km Challenge prize is for age categories u13 and u11, but the ride is open to all kids, old and young who just want to have a fun ride.

    Look out for our Supersport production team as they take on the 2013 Series yet again and capture more amazing coverage of the race! Get your 15 minutes of fame once the races air on Supersport in the coming months!

    What to expect + route profiles

    Frank Uzzell, the Zini track developer, is getting up to his crafty tricks again cutting great single track and adding a few surprises here and there. The 50km northern section has been extended through abundant natural bush lands and with easy-riding single track meandering through gum and forest breaks – heads up here, save your legs for the last 25km.

    Once again the 25km and the 50km races will be routed via the Twin Streams coastal forest with an added new section of track before entering the Goodersen Leisure resort, and out onto the boardwalk through mangrove forests and the Raphia Palms, before that last climb up to the Mtunzini Country Club.

    How to get there

    Directions to the Mtunzini Country Club (start and finish):

    • From Durban You’ll follow the N2 North for approximately 158km (1.5 hour trip by car)
    • You will eventually get to a toll gate Called “Mtunzini Plaza” (this will be after Tongaat and Mvoti), keep to the left to exit to the Mtunzini gate.
    • When exiting the gate you will be on an offramp to Mtunzini. When you come to a Stop, turn right onto the bridge and into Hely Hutchinson road Mtunzini.
    • From the Toll gate to get into Mtunzini, please be sure to keep left and take the Mtunzini exit at the Mtunzini Plaza.
    • Once on the offramp after the toll, when you come to a stop, turn right onto the bridge and into Hely Hutchinson road.
    • When coming into Mtunzini, follow Hely Hutchinson, this road road takes you directly to the Mtunzini Country Club.
    • This road will direct you straight ahead, into town, you will be led around a brief left turn as you come over the hill into Mtunzini, and experience a beautiful sea view as you drive in.
    • Keep following the road, up past “Mtunzini Spar” and once you see the golf course to the right prepare to turn into Mtunzini Country Club, you will be able to see it quite easily.

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        MiWay’s response on 22.05.2013

        Hi Cobus,

        Apologies – the link used was the incorrect one! we;ve fixed it now – thanks so much for pointing that out to us. Please click here to enter.

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        What time does registration open on the day of the event?


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